Sunday, December 11, 2011

18th and Final Post!

Well... the semester is finally winding down and I am one semester away from the end of my undergraduate career. I have had a lot of amazing opportunities and exciting adventures over the past couple of years here at Loyola but I will forever remember this internship. It definitely lands in my top 10 greatest memories. 

Words cannot describe the things I have learned and taken from this internship. I have grown so much over the last four months just from gaining knowledge passed along to me by my supervisors and all those involved in the fine tuning of the museums daily life. I wish everyone the best and I look forward to traveling back to visit as soon as possible.

If anyone out there is reading this I hope if your a history lover you look into this opportunity with the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center because it is truly an experience of a lifetime.

Bon Voyage all! See you on the flip side =)

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